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starburst-effects-fireworksAmazing Firework Displays

A time honoured way of marking special occasions, fireworks hold an almost magical place in the hearts and minds of people, young and old. They create an element of wonder, and add a true highlight to any event.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, fund raising, and corporate launches are just a few of the occasions that we can help make very special.

Starburst offer displays, which are designed specifically for you to match the setting you have chosen and atmosphere you are seeking to create.

We are one of the best equipped firework display companies in the UK, which is why we always deliver truly spectacular displays from start to finish.

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Starburst effects have been pleased to be associated with the following events and venues

Southend Round Table
Shoebury East Beach Display, Southend

Basildon Round Table
Gloucester Park Display, Basildon

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Priory Park Concert, Southend

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Priory Park Concert, Southend

Crondon Park Golf Club
Preferred Supplier

Over 20 local school and charity
fund raising events

Is the occasion you are planning one which you want to make special and memorable? If so fireworks will do just that.
At a wedding it may be a display before the bride and groom leave the reception, at a corporate event just after a major statement or presentation,
or at a party to kick the whole thing off.
As a registered pyrotechnics company, carrying licences and insurances above the industry standards, we have available to us a much wider range of fireworks than many other display operators. This allows us to individually plan your display to best suit your location and occasion.
We will be delighted to call by appointment and undertake a site assessment and discuss the type of displays which would best suit your specific needs – this, of course, is done without charge and is all part of the service.
Displays can be booked from as little as eight hundred pounds. However, fireworks are not cheap and the old saying “you get what you pay for” very much applies here. You can be assured, we only use the best and safest fireworks available.

Large Event planned and looking

for something spectacular? Starburst background was, for some years, almost exclusively in the large public shows and events. Few companies in the South East are as well equipped with the volume of launch equipment and electronic firing systems. We are, therefore, able to cater for almost any size event.

Whether you are a charitable organisation considering a fund-raiser or a local authority / company raising the profile of an annual event, we are the company you should be talking to.

We can also assist in areas such as:-

Site layout

Complimenting entertainment (Laser, Music, Flame Projectors Presenters etc.)

Health and Safety

Sourcing insurance and licenses


Logistics e.g. Power, Public address system